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Brittany H., Yelp.com


This review is based on experience with the Service Department only, and particularly one service technician, Louis. 

Our Infiniti's wheel lock key was lost by another auto maintenance facility and while that incident was inconvenient, the part could be easily replaced after matching the correct key style and placing a special order with an Infiniti dealership (closest one being in Marin). 

But then as luck would have it, the car got a flat tire! So now we were stuck with a flat tire essentially locked onto the vehicle because the wheel couldn't be removed. 

So I reached out to the Nissan service department and I was so lucky to be assisted by Louis who was endlessly helpful when we technically were not even "official customers" at that point. He went above and beyond on more than one occasion to help us with removing the wheel lock using their shop set of keys AND took the initiative to also help us with ordering a replacement wheel key so we could avoid the unnecessary trip to an actual Infiniti dealership. He provided some of the best and most memorable customer service I have experienced in a while, in any area of the service industry. 

In summation, if you're headed to their service department and Louis is available to help, you will not be disappointed with his professionalism, personal attention and overall exemplary standard of service. Kudos to you Louis! Your help in this unusual and inconvenient situation was greatly appreciated.

Clare C., Yelp.com


********** Ten Stars!  The best Service Dept I have ever dealt with.  Reasonable and affordable.  Professional and attentive.  When buying a new car it is important to check out the Service Dept as that is where your future of maintaining your car will be spent.  I had an appointment at 1pm and my vehicle was done by 3pm.  My bill for full service and seat motor repair was $115.00  Absolutely the best!

Ryan A., Yelp.com


This review is purely for the service department as I have yet to consider a new car purchase from this facility. Car has been having some continuing troublesome problems, so I decided to try out a new dealership to see if they could resolve the problem. The location of this dealership is right on the main strip in Santa Rosa, so if you are stuck there for awhile, do not be afraid to explore the area (Beware at night though).

Upon arrival, the service department was very efficient and quite nice. I explained the trouble I was experiencing minus the sound effects and they were able to acknowledge that they had a hunch what it could've been. I was told it may take a few hours, which was fine as their waiting room offered snacks, drinks, a large lounging area with a large screen TV. I took part in the snacks and drinks, but unfortunately had to work remotely from their waiting room as it was a regular work day for me. They have a semi private area with free WiFi and a view of their garage, which is kind of neat to watch technicians work on your car. 

After a few hours, a oil change, tire rotation, and what I thought would also entail a major service to resolve the main problem, I was only charged $60 ish dollars. I thought they may of  filled out the work order incorrectly, but the service rep said the problem was simple and would of felt bad charging me a full hour of service work for a simple-ish fix. I was shocked as most facilities love the unethical approach and end up charging you an arm and a leg for simple fixes. On top of the repairs I was offered a free car was next door at the automated car wash/detailer (Excellent car wash). All and all I was extremely happy with the service and repairs and will definitely be back in the future!

Milbert M., Yelp.com


I purchased our Nissan here a year ago and began using their service dept for routine maintenance. I live an hour away and don't mind the drive. It's worth it. Online scheduling is convenient. Their waiting room with free Wifi and getting a free car wash is a great bonus!

Scotty, Yelp.com


just had my oil changed for my birthday and the price was only 15 dollars
at first I didn't believe it but Justin explained that that's how they roll
I had the car in there at 8am and they were done by 830am
great job and great team
thanks Justin for taking good care of me
keep sending me those deals ill be back

Kathleen G., Yelp.com


I recently found myself in an emergency situation with no car. I contacted Josh, the Sales Manager at this dealership and within just a couple hours I had a new car delivered to my door! That would be fantastic enough but I was in Fairfield! I can't tell you how excited I was to be able to get on with my life so quickly. All the paperwork was done in my driveway. The sales person who drove the car here took all the extra time I needed to familiarize me with the car and answer my questions. The car is a dream and I can't be happier. Got a good deal on top of everything else. Can't say enough about these guys. Thank you soooo much!

Kris C., Yelp.com


I can't say enough good things about Jim Bone Nissan's Service. They're service is second to none. I bring my car here instead of Infiniti, because they provide the same parts and service at a better price and all around better experience.

Sandy J., Yelp.com


I purchased a Nissan Pathfinder last year from Jim Bone Nissan and I my sales associate Ed Santino Maurizi was so down to earth and no pressure. Everyone the finance dept, and sales manager were great. I have used other dealerships that made me feel that they were doing me a favor for selling me their car. Jim Bone Nissan is an exception.
Dave Cotton Manager of the service department  always makes me feel like I am the only customer he has! Excellent customer service!

The Pathfinder turned out to be a little big for this Grammie so my daughter bought it from me and yesterday I bought a Nissan Rogue! I had Ed wait on me again and a year later I still got excellent service from Ed. Before he handed over the keys he went over every detail of the car for me and hooked up my blue tooth.

Being a Woman I always get nervous before I go car shopping always afraid that I will be taken advantage of, but not here. I called Ed up and told him what I wanted and I did not have to do much after that. Love this place!!

Eric T., Yelp.com


Customers can have good or bad experiences purchasing a car, and it can simply depend on what the expectation is upon entering the lot.  Ours was simple.  We saw a sales ad in the paper for a 2015 Sentra and went to see it.  Niko met us in the lot, showed us the vehicle in the add, and took us for a ride.  We bought the car without any haggling.  Yes, the actual vehicle in the add was on the lot... and for sale at the advertised price....

Niko was extremely professional and walked us through the process.  Ken in Finance handled the mountain of paperwork and we drove off with exactly what we expected.  Wait, there were a couple of things we did not expect:
1. Full tank of gas
2. Double the warranty at no extra cost
3. Coupons for free car washes and discounted service.

I have purchased three Sentras at Jim Bone Nissan in the past two years.  The Service department has also taken good care of me.

I am not sure what else I can ask for in a dealership?  Thanks guys!

Joanne, DealerRater.com


Jim Bone Nissan , Brent helped us on President's Day I wanted the Electric Leaf and he and his team made sure I left in one . Brent knew what he was talking about and this was the first time i was impressed with any salesman . I would buy from them again . Experience was AWESOME! Brent, Greg, John, Don ,and 1 other who I forgot his name he did our paperwork . But Brent you went over and beyond you made sure we were happy and now we have 2 Nissan in our driveway >